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This is a compilation of my previously published personal and professional digital art work. Green items are clickable and will take you to the selected video. I understand this is unheard of in a plain text file, but I've been told the internet is a magical place.




This video was my first ever demoreel of various short clips and animations that sought the light of day in the mid 2010's, also featuring me on the guitar. Note that I am no musician however.



Vlk samotář


Kdy naposled?

Sídlištní blues

Život je jen sen

Dětskej pokoj...

I have worked with the Czech rapper APOLO on many occasions, even scoring an acting role in one of his earlier music clips, but that video was not under my creative control and I can take no credit for it here.

Despite our different creative approaches and tendencies, we have watched each other grow in the past years and it has always been a pleasure working with and alongside him, as in most cases I have been given a chance to approach his music with my own vision.


Jay Fructose

Peace Pipe EP

Dr. X

The Chicago rapper Jay Fructose had comissioned several pieces to accompany his music. Some of these included album arts, animated videos and rotoscopy over a live action video, which has since been deleted.


Morag Tong


Morag Tong are a drone metal band from the United Kingdom and apart for several posters for their concerts, I created this video in the span of several years. It was never officially released due creative differences. With their permission, I released it later on my own.




A Czech social influencer, rapper and a youtube connoiseur asked me to accompany his music with some of my fabled ladies in digital, animated form. I have also created cover art for the song and promo material for his other work.

Prague, 2021

Everything you can come across here has been in some manner concieved and created by me.

This is where I can be reached, followed or contacted:

For inquires of any kind send an email.


In the Desktop folder you can find a variety of my previous unrelated personal projects, mostly website experiments. Note that the links within those projects may very well be broken. There is also my experimental drone album which was released under the band name Cosmic Toad sometime in 2015.

'Videos' hold a couple of my past professional and personal work along with a text file containing a selection of links and some brief information about the collaborations.

As for the Texts, those contain some of my writings.

Enjoy your stay.

Tomas Rodr


This website has been created from scratch by me, inspired by the GNU/Linux terminal and namely the file manager ranger and the text editor nano. The folders and file extensions are purely cosmetic. The code is a mess, but you are free to use any of it, be it this website, or any of the web projects.

As for the art, that is either mine or the people's who own it. You are prohibited from using, recreating, reselling or otherwise manipulating it without my or the respected owners' permissions.